Medical Device

Bone Graft Material

Artificial Eardrum for Tympanic Membrane Perforation

Through long-term research with Ajou University, we have been studying various treatments for perforation of the tympanic membrane (chronic, acute). The patch developed by our company is a medical device that can improve the treatment efficiency of chronic/acute tympanic membrane perforation. It is fabricated using polycaprolactone(PCL), a biocompatible polymer with nanostructure, and epidermal growth factor(EGF). Therapeutic effects of nanopattern and growth factors have been demonstrated in animal studies and clinical trials are under way in the future.

Dental medical devices

The bone graft material developed by our company is a natural ceramic material extracted from the bone of the horse. It has almost no immunity rejection since organic matters are removed by sintering. Its structure and chemical composition is identical to the human bone. By promoting osseoinduction and bone calcification of the osteoblast, Our bone graft material can greatly increase the recovery rate of defect site. It is effective at implanting dental implants.